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Actively engage in the lives of your grandchildren through:


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Every day in America there are 10,000 new grandparents, each one entering a new life chapter. That’s why I wrote A Grandmother’s Sourcebook. Browse the book a day or even an hour before the children come to visit. You’ll find in the colorful pages joy, zest, and plenty of ideas and activities that explore the worlds of story, art, science, nature, cooking, music, poetry, service, games, and drama. As the introduction puts it, “This is not a book about how to love. That you already know. This book is about what to do with love.”

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Image of the cover for Cynthia's book A Grandmother's Sourcebook

There are family traditions embedded in these pages just waiting to come to life.

-Professor David Horton

Image of Cynthia and her grandmother
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