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Projects & Ideas

From time to time, I’ll be adding to this collection of books, projects & online activities for grandparents and grandchildren. Contact me with some of your own ideas (on the contact page) and let’s get them up on the web!

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Image of the book cover A Visitor For Bear
Image of the Bubble Wrap Beehive

A Vistor For Bear

There may be no better way to convey love to a child than by gathering her into your lap and reading a story.

Bubble Wrap Beehive

Children love to create art. That’s why I keep a box of art supplies at the ready for visits from my grandchildren. One of our projects was the bubble wrap beehive. 

Science Amazes!

Check out this amazing photography from Igor Siwanowicz. What do you think this is a photograph of? Gather your grandchildren and click the button below for more incredible science discoveries.

Image of a birthday celebration

Long Distant Birthdays

Do you have distant grandchildren? Here is a fun way to connect with them for their birthdays.

Image of bookmarks

Storybook Bookmark

Creating fun bookmarks with your Grandchildren can increase their interest in reading.

Image of the opera cat

Stage a 3-minute opera 

This activity begins with the book, The Opera Cat, by Tess Weaver and ends with transformative play for you and your little ones.

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Find more amazing books for children, and tons of other great ideas in my book.

Image of the cover of a Grandmother's Sourcebook
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