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About Cynthia Drake

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When I was eight years old, my Grandmother Carrie taught me how to make crepe paper flowers. We dipped them in hot paraffin and on “Decoration Day” and brought them to our family cemetery to adorn the graves. Those dear days are long past, but they are still bright in memory. Today I am a grandmother myself and dedicated to making memories for my own grandchildren.

Teaching has been my life. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and long experience in inner city public schools. I am also a Suzuki piano teacher, a Methodist church choir director, a long time volunteer as a visiting musician and storyteller in public schools.

I live in Durham, North Carolina in a  lovely woodland home, with my husband, Tim, and our faithful dog, Blue.

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Image of Cynthia's children

Mira and Zach last winter. These stalwart kids inspired me and assisted me in the development of A Grandmother's Sourcebook

Image of Cynthia and her friends at the Ellora Caves in India

With friends at the Ellora Caves in India

Image of Cynthia and her children when they were young

Mira and Zach a bit younger

Image of Cynthia with a box castle

A major box castle!

Image of Cynthia on Gull Island

On Gull Island, near Juneau, Alaska, where my husband Tim grew up

Image of Cynthia and her husband Tim

My dear husband, Tim

Image of Cynthia and her grandmother Carrie

With my much-loved Grandma Carrie

Image of Cynthia and children in costume for their family play

In costume for our summer family play

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